Magical Stage 3D Furniture Widget

Sell more furniture than you can produce

Without hiring more salespeople, buying complex software or wasting time with your clients on endless modifications

How it Works

We build virtual interactive showrooms where your clients can see their ideas come to life... instantly!
Did you know that around 90% of your customers when buying new furniture, don’t know exactly what they want?
Having a space where they control the furniture, they rearrange it and can even change colours as many times they want
Give your clients a sense of freedom and confidence in their own decisions.
When your clients try it, they will buy!
We offer 2 great solutions:
Single Furniture
Your client can pick one of your products, on your website, and they’ll have the opportunity to configure it, try different finishing combinations like colours and materials (wood types, fabric collections, leathers). Your client can click and see the changes instantly.
Modular Furniture
Your client plays with your modular furniture through a drag and drop system. They can create their own sofa, study the best composition with your shelf system or organise their office using your desks. In there, they test unlimited configuration according to their space and finishing preferences.
As simple as riding a bike


Sales Increase
Increase Your Sales
Our widget is the best salesperson you could have. It doesn’t need your direct intervention and saves you precious time
Save Time
Saves You Time
3 hours talking to a client about all the infinite possibilities will become a thing of the past with our widget
Eliminate Errors
Eliminate Errors
Your client decides and therefore it is their responsibility
Faster and Accurate Pricing
Faster and Accurate Pricing
Say goodbye to the calculator, everything is done automatically. Your client can check prices in real time, depending on his choices
Best User Experience
Best User Experience
Your client is always in charge with our very user friendly widget. With a few clicks they can see it in action straight away
Unlimited Configurations
Unlimited Configurations
Regardless of the number of products you have, your client has the opportunity to try multiple combinations in a very short period of time!
Give your clients a chance to enjoy a different experience with your products


Single Furniture
Modular Furniture

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What people say about us

Thomas Heunick GEJST, Modular Storage "We have decided to go for the app. Was one of the best decisions we made. We clarify our customers, we save tons of time. We don't have to calculate the price on every changes, and is also excellent to study the required space in the shops of our retailers."
Kasper Pedersen PP møbler, Furniture Workshop "They listen to our needs. Super nice to work with them, they are very professional. MagicalStage really helped us visualise our chairs around the world"
Sylvain Prevost OLUT, Shelving System "This is exactly what we need, a very simple and easy to use system. You made it guys. I'm very happy about it!"
Mr. Claus Juhlin Pandul, Lighting "You are a very kind and patient person to work with, and I can only give you my very best recommendations."
Martin Thørgersen Erik Jørgensen, Modular Sofas "I am telling every person about the app and everyone is amazed about the features"

Our Clients


Answer: 2 working days, maximum.
Answer: You need to send us all your 3D files and finishing (wood types, fabric collections and lacquered colours by product to be applied on them).
Answer: All depends on the number of products you want to on it. For your reference, we take around 4 to 5 weeks for 50 different products, after we receive all your 3D files and finishings.
Answer: Our widget is installed via an embeded code. You can send it to your web supplier or ask us for our best quote.
Answer: Yes, you can. Our embeded code supports all kinds of graphical customisations to be according to your website. If you don't have a web supplier, ask us for our best quote.
Answer: Yes, our widget can be integrated in your online shop. Your web supplier can do it, or ask us for our best quote.

Why should we work together?

Make your company stand out from the crowd. Leave your competition behind with our widget solution
Your client satisfaction will increase with our realistic, fast and easy to use widget solution
Empower your clients imagination and creativity, on our widget, with their own decoration choices
Tailored and close cooperation during the entire widget installation process
Never ending improvement on our widget and team
Best solutions for presenting your furniture on your site
Time is the new money. Your client wants to save time above everything else nowadays and so do you
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